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Buy & Sell

Leverage a powerful eCommerce platform to buy and sell oil industry equipment around the world. Easily browse or showcase industry equipment at one place.

Build a Network

Chat with your prospective buyer or seller, and build a positive relationship even before making the transaction. Easily grow and expand your business paradigms.

Secure, Transparent, Seamless

Conduct business in a secure and transparent manner, without hassle. A seamless platform that enables the right business environment for the oil and gas industry.

Buyers meet the verified sellers from the industry

BuyerDiscover, Connect, Purchase

Searching and buying oil industry equipment had never been this easy. With Energy Dais, find the right equipment supplier for your next project without any hassle. Explore from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, connect with them and buy.

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SellerList, Connect, Sell

Take your business online and showcase your products and service offerings to a targeted audience in the oil and gas industry. Easily market and bring in more leads for your business at a fraction of the cost.

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Join the leading online marketplace for the oil and gas industry

850+ Companies sold over

1250+ Industry Equipment

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Top Reasons to Use Energy Dais

Advertising with Energy Dais gives you a global platform to establish a strong brand presence in the oil and gas industry.


Verified Companies

Registration on our marketplace is followed by a quick legitimacy check, meaning every seller is verified.


Live Chat

Secure communication between buyers and sellers to help understand the exact requirement and expectation.


Secure Payments

Easily send and receive payments securely through Paypal, and seamlessly trade on the marketplace.


Discover New Possibilities in Direct Buying and Selling

Leverage a new platform to trade oil industry equipment and services!