What is Energy Dais’ mission?

Energy Dais’ mission is to Simplify Energy by creating the World’s First Fullstream Oil & Gas Solutions Platform, collaborating the whole industry in order to increase cross organizational and international efficiencies through shared resources and common goals.

When was Energy Dais founded?

Energy Dais was founded in 2016. It settles on a vast knowledge base with a 150+ years of combined experience of our Board of Directors working in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Why is the website called “Energy Dais”?

We aim to augment the two aspects, Energy, here, the Oil & Gas industry and Dais, which means a platform. Energy Dais; these two words speak volumes about our vision to bring the Oil & Gas industry at a singular platform, hence the name.

How do I become a part of Energy Dais’ team?

It is always great to have ambitious and passionate people on board. Please send us your resume at careers@energydais.com and we will get back to you shortly.

What are Energy Dais’ offerings?

Energy Dais is an online platform that provides on board companies an unprecedented access to the world’s largest verified database of Oil & Gas companies, global business opportunities and allows them to collaborate and create value through effective interaction.

Who are Energy Dais’s Customers?

Our customer is anyone who is associated with the Oil & Gas industry. Be it professionals, teachers, graduates or a curious reader; or companies and organisations spread across the entire value chain, upstream, downstream or midstream, we cater to the requirements of one and all who is a part of the industry.

How do I contact your customer service team?

You may contact our customer service team via the ‘contact us’ tab in the footer or click here to skip to the form now. Alternatively, you may also write to us at support@energydais.com.

How do I create a company page?

Creating a company page is very simple. Just click on the ‘Join Now’ and in three-simple steps you can create your company page by guided instructions provided with each step. Facing difficulty creating your page? Write to us at support@energydais.com.

Are there any subscription plans for joining Energy Dais?

Yes. We have tailored three different subscription plans depending on the requirements of our customers. The three plans available are: Community, Premium and Premium Plus. Click here to know more about our plans.

How can I benefit from the ‘Community Plan’?

Community Plan gives your business an exponential reach and opportunities by becoming a part of an online community with more than 20,000 companies. Become globally visible, manage and update your company information, find potential vendors for your requirements by floating RFQs and have access to the deftly assimilated information in our ‘Insights’ section of the website. We are currently offering a ‘Three-month ’ of the ‘Premium Plan’ for you to get an optimal experience of the platform.

How can I benefit from the ‘Premium Plan’?

Premium plan gives you an unlimited access to the tenders floated across geographies. You can float and participate in RFQs. You also get a lead visibility amongst companies providing the same services or products as you, enhancing your growth prospects. Upon joining us with the ‘Premium Plan’, you get a ‘Three-month free trial’ of the premium experience. ­Click here to register your company and become a part of a global Oil & Gas Community.

How can I benefit from the ‘Premium Plus Plan’?

Premium Plus plan ensures you get every chance for accelerating your business by being ‘Priority listed’ on our website for the products or services you provide. As a key feature of the Premium Plus plan, we promote your company on our social media handles. We also feature your company in our articles, focusing on your strengths, achievements, culture and more and additional section is incorporated in your company page showcasing your clients’ feedbacks. We ensure optimal customer experience by deploying a dedicated account manager catering to all your business needs.

What is ‘Priority Listing’?

Priority listing is a special search feature which populates the Premium Plus companies in the first layer of search for the product or service they provide.

Why should I join Energy Dais for my business?

Energy Dais can be an unprecedented value addition to your business. We have a platform which brings every Oil & Gas player across the geographies at one point. Get exclusive business insights, choose from the global tenders you wish to participate in and get notified for the tenders you’re interested in. Additionally, you can find the right vendor for your requirement in minutes by posting RFQs on a global scale and you can also participate in RFQs floated by other companies. You also get a dedicated account manager by opting the ‘Premium Plus’ plan.

Does Energy Dais provide tender information services only?

No, tender information is just one of the many features provided by us.

I already have a tender subscription. Why should I join Energy Dais?

Unlike many other portals, Energy Dais provides global tenders, relevant to the Oil & Gas industry. You can also manage tenders, get prompt and timely reminders before their end date, float tailor-made RFQs and participate in RFQs floated on our website. Tender information is just one of the many features provided by us.

What is the difference between Premium and Premium Plus plan?

Premium plus paves the way for you to harp on any business opportunities available at your disposal globally via our platform by features like Priority listing, periodic feature articles and a dedicated account manager who maintains your company page.

What is the difference between Premium and Premium Plus plan?

Premium Plus Plan accommodates some of the best features right at your disposal. Apart from all of the features of Premium Plan, Premium Plus provides with Priority listing, putting your company in the first layer of search for the product or service you provide, a section in your company page showcasing your clients’ feedbacks and a dedicated account manager who maintains your company page. The plan also proffers periodic articles on our platform featuring your company focusing on your strengths, achievements, culture and more.

Why is there a two-step verification process for claiming my company page?

A two-step verification process is to ensure that no unauthorized or unaccountable person takes the claim of your company page. We make sure that the ownership of your company page is safeguarded from unverified sources.