Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Onsite Services


ABS undertakes an array of on-site bolting services ranging from simple bolting of a single flange joint, to major constructions and maintenance of bolted joints of critical applications at shutdown. ABS utilizes the highest-standard hydraulic bolting, bolt tensioning and bolt torquing technology when it comes to overall joint integrity. ABS provides complete training to our engineers prior to their on-site jobs. Our engineers combine innovative thinking with industry-tested methods and ensure controlled bolting services are carried out with unmatched speed, precision, and safety.


Annual Rate Contracts for Controlled Bolting ABS specialises in undertaking Annual Rate Contracts for controlled bolting services. Such contracts are supported with a prompt mobilisation of resources and efficient repair services.

Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Maintenance ABS holds competence in managing complex situations like Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Maintenance with utmost precision, speed and safety.

Equipment Installation & Maintenance ABS provides complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service of turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, reactors, tower cranes, wind turbines.

Structural Bolting Erection of structures in plant construction, bridges, and wind tower erection Flange Management System 

ABS Flange Management System (AFMS) is a fully integrated system that provides solutions for Controlled Bolting, Machining, Tagging, and Flange Management, coupled with training and support service.  

Machining Services
We can deliver in-situ flange management activities within a shutdown work scope, including flange face machining, bolting and pipe cutting. 

  • Pipe Cutting
  • Flange Facing
  • Bevelling
  • Counter Boring

Specified Hot Bolting 
ABS provides XTEGRITY- the hot bolting service of Equalizer International- which restores the flange joint integrity back to its original state in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. It can be used in situations where alternative solutions cannot be used, for example on high pressure, larger diameter flange joints. In these circumstances, the only current solution is to carry out maintenance during shutdown resulting in potential loss of production and revenue. By effectively providing a ‘replacement’ set of bolts around the flange joint it also provides peace of mind to integrity engineers about the reliability of their bolted joint.