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Frequently asked question


Yes, register on this link by clicking on "Here to Sell". Fill up the registration form with brief information about you and your company. Once the information is filled in, your profile will be shortly reviewed by our team before we grant you access approval to the marketplace.
Depending on the subscription plan you select, your registration fee would be charged. Apart from the the plan charges there are no overhead costs or hidden charges involved in the process.
Once you log in to your profile, you will get the option to visit your profile option, where you will get the option to reset your profile password. For further assistance, you can reach out to us at
In case, you wish to discontinue the Marketplace services and deactivate/delete your profile, please write to us at, our support team will assist you through the process.
You will be charged a nominal commission fee on every sale you make, kindly refer to the terms and conditions for better clarity over the commission percentage.


No, there is no need to create a profile to view various products listed on Energy Dais Marketplace. You can directly visit the link and click on "Here to buy". You can then view our online catalog.
As a buyer, no registration fee is required to access/ purchase products from the Energy Dais Marketplace.
The return/ exchange of any product you purchase depends on the exchange policy placed by the vendor on the concerned product . Please go through the exchange policy carefully before making the purchase.
Yes. The exchange time period will be variable based on the concerned product policy specified by the vendor. Please go through the exchange policy carefully before making the purchase.
We are not providing any Warranty for the products but to ensure best possible buyer experience, we are making sure only verified sellers are present on the marketplace.

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