Energy Dais- Where Talent is appreciated!

With the larger goal of simplifying energy, we welcome original ideas and encourage you to think out of the box. Here, you are provided with a creative and vibrant learning space where your growth becomes a part of our success story!

5 Reasons to work with us
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    A flexible workplace environment.
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    A team which is open to new ideas and challenges.
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    An opportunity to learn and grow together.
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    A chance to work with driven and experienced people.
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    Competitive remuneration and non-wage compensations.
Company Values
Jobs at Energy Dais Honesty Icon Honesty

We believe that being honest in any business endeavour plays an instrumental role in building the credibility and establishing trust. It forms the core of our values.

 Jobs at Energy Dais Responsive Icon Responsive

A prompt reply, transparent communication and a concrete action differentiates us from other platforms. We believe in uptime, clear, and concrete communication.

Jobs at Energy Dais Agile Icon Agile

Action is just as important as intelligence. We believe that acting upon the right time and the right opportunity, maximizes our efforts to reach our aim. And we believe that swift action maximizes our efforts in the direction of our aim.

Jobs at Energy Dais Freedom Icon Freedom

We function on the premise that no creative work can be done under restriction.

Jobs at Energy Dais Integrity Icon Integrity

Upholding the individual and collective integrity as a professional organisation.

Jobs at Energy Dais Open Icon Open

Being open to new ideas, we take criticism positively and this helps us take an objective stand free from any bias.

Energy Dais at a glance

Our Work Culture

Our employees are our greatest assets and they are the strength of our organization. Thus, we make sure that they are treated and rewarded as per their merit and hard work. Diversity of geography, culture and opinions is celebrated at Energy Dais. Our work space is defined by sincerity and hard work where all the team members, act as a strong support system for each other.

Team Speaks