In an ever-changing market, Ampelmann is committed to providing the best access solutions for people and cargo transfer. We have changed the world of offshore access in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Ampelmann makes offshore access as easy as crossing the street. The Ampelmann systems with fully motion compensating gangways allow safe, efficient and reliable transfers of personnel from vessels to all fixed and floating structures at sea. Almost 2 million people have already walked to work safely on more than 150 projects worldwide.Everyday Ampelmann is active all over the world, ensuring our customers’ people can walk to work safely. With a track record of more than 3.8 million safe people transfers, more than 5 million kg cargo transfers and 200 projects worldwide, we have an established presence in every major oil, gas and offshore wind market. Our team spirit, coupled with an ambitious development plan and a strong focus on innovation, helps us with setting new standards and serving our clients with the safest and most cost effective offshore access solutions for both people and cargo transfers.

Year of incorporation 2007

Number of Employees 100 to 500


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