Bharat Oil & Waste Management Ltd
Licensed, Safe Pickup, Transport, Recycling of Used &/or Waste Oils


BOC is authorized by UPSPCB and CPCB to lift, transport from all over the continent of India to treat and recycle used oils and waste oils at its facility in Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, UP, India. 

BOC has trained staff members, tankers, resources, technology and project management expertise to safely lift used oil in a very short duration.

1. Please note that used oil is defined as an immediate output of the oil from an engine or machinery, without any adulteration. Waste Oil is defined as combination of oils (lube oils) but must contain less than 1% waste water.

2. BOC does not accept any other fluid or waste other than agreed upon while showing BOC the sample during site inspection or as stated in writing during an offer by collection center (generator). Every single packing or drum must carry fluid similar in quality as the sample approved. Consistency of quality is essential in the process of a generator, especially no water should be allowed to be mixed in the oils.

3. It is illegal to adulterate used oil, waste oil or hazardous waste by generators. Adulteration violates the NOC by local state pollution board and makes it harder & sometimes impossible to recycle the oil.