Black Diamond Kuwait
Lubricator Services


Before each job, the company makes sure that all the equipment are inspected, pressure tested and fit for the service. BDK has experienced team which makes sure that the feasible solutions are provided to the clients. The services provided by the company under this category are:

  • Installation and Removal of BPVs

  • Installation and Removal of TWCVs

  • Valve replacement plug Installation and Removal

The equipment used by Black Diamond for lubricator service are:

  • WM10-15M Back Pressure Lubricator Cameron Style “H”

  • Crane Mounted Truck (5 ton) for Rigless Job

  • Installation and Retrieval

  • Back Pressure Valve (BPV) & Two-Way Check Valve (TWCV)

  • High-Pressure Test Pump (20,000 psi)

  • Air Compressor

  • Hand tools and Spares

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