Breathing Air Compressors

Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd.










* Capacity – 100 to 1000 lpm

* Breathing air quality EN certified

* Electrically and petrol / diesel engine operated

* Options for auto start / stop, auto drain, sound proof canopy


Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1971, Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the Indian company Brijbasi Hi-Tech Udyog Ltd. It is now one of the top companies in the firefighting industry in India. Brijbasi is a leading innovative solutions provider of Fire Fighting, Safety, Security, Disaster Management and Rescue Equipment.

Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems Pvt Ltd has more than 40 years of experience in this industry and aims at providing tested and best quality equipment. It has manufacturing and integrated warehouse setup spread across 12,000 square meters near Mumbai. With the new developments taking place in the industry, firefighting and safety equipment will be an important requirement. Thus, the company makes continuous efforts to understand the needs of its customers and provides the services accordingly.

Products & Services

The products offered by Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems Pvt Ltd are:

  • Rescue Cutting Saws

  • Victim Location / Search System

  • High-Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

  • Nomex® Protective Clothing & Accessories

  • Gas/Liquid Tight Chemical Suits

  • Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits

  • Breathing Apparatus

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Gas Masks, Gas Detectors (Portable & Fixed)

  • Underwater Diving Gear and Cameras

  • Inflatable Boats / Rescue Boats with OBM

The range of other products can be viewed on the official website of the company.

Contact Information

For any information and queries, you can either fill the form on the website of Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems or use the following contact details:

Head Office

Phone: 011 2686 2057 / 2652 2074

Fax: 011 2686 7954


 Phone: +91 2525-698886