Cortec Global Services Inc. (CGSI) provides the expertise and services necessary for our customers and clients to achieve their preservation goals.
Initially part of Cortec Corporation, CGSI built upon over 40 years of deep corrosion inhibitor expertise by creating a team of experienced maintenance professionals
that know how to care for equipment and how to start-up, shut-down and safely operate specific equipment and entire facilities.
We are proud of our preservation management, capable and trusted globally and with an ability to adapt and scale to small and large industrial Projects. We built our
reputation on transforming the way our customers do business with product-based application and strategic preservation thinking and with our willingness to mobilize our staff to major users in remote areas, not normally supported.
Whether you require remote training for your own staff, help calculating your preservation risk scoring, detailed product recommendations or instructions, onsite
advisory services, application support or management of the changes, we keep it simple. What you need, where you need it, when you need it.
CGSI became fully owned by Presserv AS in 2018 and today operates with headquarters collocated at Cortec Corporation, but with Houston, Perth and field offices


Our services portfolio:

  • Assessment and Risk Evaluation Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Training Local and Client Personnel
  • Project Management
  • Preservation Maintenance Requirements (PMR)
  • OEM, Project Constraint Harmonization
  • Modular Preservation Training: Onsite/Remote
  • Equipment/Material Expertise Commissioning and
    Start Up
  • Modular Construction Projects
  • Product Selection, Dosage and Compatibility
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Chemistry (VpCI, VCI)
  • Global Talent Mobilization, Ex-Pat / TPN / Local
  • Paused Projects, Layup, Mothball
  • Cost-Driven Preservation Management
  • Application Services
  • Warehouse Set-up

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Year of incorporation 2018

Number of Employees 50 to 100

DUNS 117659968

ISO 394


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