Crelad International

California-based Crelad International is a leading geothermal survey tools and oil instruments provider. Crelad has a wide portfolio of custom wireline tools, designed for the exploration and utilization of energy sources. Crelad International is driven by the beliefs of industry pioneers and continuous desire for innovation. This helps them in providing the customers with the best wireline tools. Crelad International assists its clients by providing instruments and experience to help solve the global energy demand.

Products and Services

  • Universal Survey Analysis Technology (USAT)

  • Blow Out Preventer

  • Multi-Finger Caliper

  • Wireline Lubricator

  • Spinner Flow Meters

  • Wireline Stuffing Box

  • Custom Crossovers

  • Production Logging Tools

For more information about the products and services offered by the company, please visit the official website of Crelad International.

Contact Information

To reach out to the company for further queries, you can contact them here:

Phone: 714-655-8676

Fax: 714-842-6501



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