Hinged Non-Welded Bow Spring Casing Centralizer (new)
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Which are designed and manufactured as per API Spec 10D. Non Weld Bow centralizers are used to position the casing in the centre of the wellbore in vertical, deviated as well as horizontal wells.

The Non Weld Bow Centralizers combine the highest Non Weld Centralizer restoring force with the lowest starting force. High quality Bows made of special alloy steel with uniform hardness provide optimum performance. The bows with extended profile prevent them from hitting against casing collars. The bows are available in a range to accommodate any well profile. Hinge locking pins are of high strength steel for maximum structural robustness . Bows are then Flattened several times on a special machine to get permanent setting. Bows can be configured for any hole Size from choice of five standard bow heights for optimum starting and restoring forces.

Non Weld design features self-locking of lips for holding bows to end collars . Centralizers undergo a special process of rust prevention before powder coating.

The Non Weld Bow spring centralizers are available in sizes 4½” to 24″.

Recommended for use with all standard casing grades.

Sources:- https://www.crimsonoiltools.com/product/hinged-non-weld-bow/
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Crimson Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd.

I am pleased to introduce Crimson Oil Tools Pvt Ltd,  Faridabad, India based manufacturer and supplier of Cementing and Casing equipment for upstream Oil & Gas sector. It is well known for its quality products, which it has been supplying to its customers in India and overseas. We have built a solid reputation by supplying high standard equipment i.e. Centralizers (Welded & Non-Welded), Turbolizer, Float Shoe and Collar, Cementing plugs, Stop Collars, Hammer Union, etc.  

Crimson is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO/TS 29001, OHSAS 18001:2007 and API certified company. Our area of expertise lies specifically in manufacturing Cementing accessories which give us an advantage over other competitors to serve our clients efficiently.


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