Deinde Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


While planning a fire protection system ‘Deinde’ uses an integrated approach where we as designers analyze building components as a total package. We take into account a building’s use, occupancy, footprint, and even its the installed systems. Every system that we develop, whether it is being designed for a new building or being installed as part of a renovation/retrofit, is developed with specific objectives in mind.

First Priority is Code Compliance

Code compliance is the first objective in any of our designs. As codes are legal minimum requirements; we meet the minimum with any design. The additional challenge is that fire codes can vary substantially across the country, even within a state or county. Even minor differences can have major implications for system design.

We never forget the basics:

  1. To save lives.
  2. To save the property.
  3. Preserving and maintaining business continuity.


Our Fire Protection Services:

  • Fire alarm design
  • Water storage tanks
  • Water supply analysis
  • Smoke control analysis and design
  • Fire sprinkler design
  • Clean agent systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Mass notification systems
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