Domino Machine Inc.

Domino Machine Inc. is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company has been a part of the machine industry since 1967 and has expertise in custom machining for the oilfield. Domino is recognized for the quality of products it provides. It has earned the trust of its customers and is one of the most reliable companies in the industry. Improving its services and providing the best consumer experience to its clients has always been its prime focus.

Products & Services

  • Rod BOP

  • Hi-Temp Rod BOP

  • Stuffing Boxes

  • API Products

For the details on various other products and services, visit the company website.

Contact Information

For any queries, use the following contact details:


Phone:   (780) 462-1354
Fax:        (780) 462-4490


ISO ISO 9001:2008

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