t started out as a hobby and quickly turned into something much bigger than that. I have always been amazed by aerial photography and the rapid improvement of drone technology and this allowed me to pursue my passion with gusto after I retired from playing professional cricket. But the process of becoming a commercial operator was very frustrating not to mention time-consuming and costly. So Droneit Group was born out of a desire to create opportunities for all types of drone operators. From your mum and dad operators to large businesses wanting to utilize this technology to improve business practices Droneit has been designed to assist and help navigate anyone into the drone world. This is an industry that is very aviation orientated but we have broken it down into something that can be easily understood and therefore will help you make the right choices in your decision-making process. Whether it is purchasing drone training flying with us or utilising our media services we can certainly create opportunities for you in this industry. Have a look around our website and feel free to call if you have any questions.

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