Headquartered in Broussard, Louisiana, Eaton Oil Tools is a diversified oilfield service company. Eaton’s team consists of talented operators, technical and managerial veterans who bring a rich experience of many years on the table. Eaton was established over thirty years ago to answer a growing need in the oilfield service industry. With the passage of time, growing with the south Louisiana oil fields, Eaton has continued to expand their area of expertise and involvement. The firm has gained immense credibility owing to its customer-centric approach and high-quality products.

Eaton Oil Tools has expertise in downhole equipment mainly in Cased and Open Hole Fishing, Casing cutting, Milling, Section milling and Window cutting. The customers’ needs and requirements are the priority for Eaton according to which all its components are customized.

Products & Services

  • Fishing Services

  • Terminator Cut & Pull System

  • Center Punch Mill

  • Power Swivels

  • Laydown Units

  • Well Abandonment

  • Whipstocks

  • Milling Tools

  • Section Mills

  • Rental Equipment

Contact Information

For any query related to product and services, use the following information:


Phone: 337-856-8820
Fax: 337-857-5081

The regional contacts are provided on the company website.

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