Effective Email Marketing Plans

Energy Dais offers one of the most cost-efficient methods to market your brand to a wider audience of the energy sector. The email campaigns are specifically designed and personalized for you to:

  • Strengthen your brand presence
  • Drive relevant traffic to your website
  • Generate quality leads for your business
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Why Email Marketing for the Energy Sector?

The marketing experts believe that email marketing has the highest ROI amongst other digital marketing techniques. And to establish a successful brand in the industry, you need to defy boundaries and keep expanding your prospect list. A properly strategized email marketing helps in achieving just that and much more.

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Our Expertise

The email campaigns designed to establish a strong connection with your prospects and add more leads to your sales funnel.

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Satisfied Clients

Client Testimonials

Our 450+ clients across the oil & gas industry come to us for out-of-the-box brand positioning and effective lead generation. Read their reviews of Energy Dais here!

Our Process

Deep research in making the prospect list has always been a priority for our marketing experts. A few aspects which are always maintained while building any campaign are:

  • Defining the audience
  • Creating a great subject line
  • Deciding on effective Call to Action
  • A/B testing
  • Avoiding over-promotional content
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  • feature-1 Email Marketing Audit
  • feature-1 Email Marketing Strategy
  • feature-1 Email Templates
  • feature-1 Copywriting for emails
  • feature-1 Up to 200 words of monthly email content
  • feature-1 1 content topic included
  • feature-1 A/B testing for subject lines
  • feature-1 Copywriting, design, and coding
  • feature-1 Email Marketing Audit
  • feature-1 Email Marketing Strategy
  • feature-1 Email Templates
  • feature-1 Copywriting for emails
  • feature-1 Up to 400 words of monthly email content
  • feature-1 Up to 3 content topics included
  • feature-1 A/B testing for subject lines
  • feature-1 Split A/B landing page testing
  • feature-1 List split testing
  • feature-1 Additional Emails(upto 2 per month)
  • feature-1 Monthly / quarterly lead generation reports
  • feature-1 Email Newsletter Services

Ready to introduce your brand to a larger audience?

Email Marketing FAQs

What is Email marketing?

It is a process of sending commercial messages to existing or potential customers using email service. Email marketing has an edge over other marketing techniques. It makes your potential buyers feel that they are being treated individually.

I have tried email marketing in the past. They don’t work. Why should I choose you?

Most of the agencies offering Email Marketing services to energy sector companies have no subject matter expertise in the energy sector. Energy Dais carries out marketing operations specifically in the energy sector and thus have the requisite knowledge base necessary to perform effective marketing activities.

What is the ROI of Email Marketing?

According to a litmus survey, of 372 online marketers, the return on investment of Email Marketing is on average 38:1. Moreover, the ROI of email marketing majorly lies in the value of your business.

I am a small oilfield equipment manufacturer. Is Email Marketing needed for me?

Email marketing gives you an edge in this digital world to personally reach individuals and make them your customers. Irrespective of your business size, email marketing will prove equally important to you in reaching out to potential buyers and converting them to paying customers.