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A fruitful concrete activity results in total zonal isolation while sparing time and cash. To accomplish these objectives, different factors, for example, well security, packaging centralization, mud evacuation, and gas movement must be incorporated into the structure. Temperature must be precisely anticipated to legitimately plan the liquid and dispense with over the top time spent looking out for bond. Also, a post work examination is important to determine zonal confinement and maintain a strategic distance from pointless healing work.


Eneroil engineers use Cementing Software for plan and assessment programming to configuration, reenact, and streamline essential and attachment establishing employments. Establishing Software can plan all essential land or seaward solidifying tasks, from substantial distance across surface packaging to the most profound liners.

Establishing Software enhances well security by decreasing dangers amid the solidifying work. The application enhances pipe standoff and figures an ideal relocation of mud and preflushes (mud removal and cement placement) to lessen the dangers of diverting and microannulus (zonal isolation).

Cementing Software improves the success rate of your primary cementing jobs and reduces well costs by:

  • Ensuring well security

  • Eliminating gas migration

  • Providing efficient mud removal

  • Giving squeeze/no squeeze check

  • Optimizing centralization

  • Reducing waiting-on-cement time

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