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Expandable Liner Hangers

Expandable Liner Hangers

By: Schlumberger

Deploy long, heavy liners in challenging conditions, including deepwater,...

Conventional Liner Hangers

Conventional Liner Hangers

By: Schlumberger

Enhance well stability and protect the casing with cemented and uncemented liner...

Hydraulic Liner Hangers

Hydraulic Liner Hangers


  Single Multi cone Rotating Non Rotating Types With Inner Slips

Quartus Liberty Liner Hangers

Quartus Liberty Liner Hangers

By: Maximus Completion Systems

Quartus Liberty Liner Hangers have the ability to be rotated and/or reciprocated to...

IB-DD Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger

IB-DD Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger

By: TIW Corporation

The TIW® IB-DD Hydro Hanger is an “Integral Barrel Drill Down” design, providing the...

IB-TC-R Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger

The TIW® IB-TC-R Hydro Hanger is a premium hanger with an integral body and dual cones...

XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger System

The TIW XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger System is designed to run with standard liner...

Frequently Asked Questions: Top Liner Hangers

What is the current market condition of liner hanger systems?

The investment in the offshore drilling projects has increased from the past few years. This has led to the growth of the liner hanger systems market. The technological advancements like enhanced oil recovery have also affected the market improvement of the equipment. The demand for the liner hangers can be easily known by identifying the number of wells drilled and completed.

Which liner hanger companies can be contacted through Energy Dais?

We help you find the best liner hanger companies irrespective of your location. We simplify your search for the best liner hanger companies by connecting you with top liner hanger companies in your location, at zero cost and according to your budget and business requirement. We majorly target regions including India, Middle East, USA & Canada.

How can I get my liner hangers listed at Energy dais?

You can list your liner hangers at Energy Dais once you get your company registered with us by creating an account. To join now, click here: https://www.energydais.com/account-selector/.

How can Energy Dais help in finding relevant liner hanger manufacturers?

We have listed the best liner hangers along with their manufacturers/suppliers. This will help the customers find relevant tools according to their requirement. Energy Dais also helps in connecting you with the relevant equipment providers.

Which companies provide the best liner hangers?

The companies whose products are listed on our liner hangers page are verified manufacturers and suppliers of liner hanger systems. These companies have been trusted by the industry to provide the best liner hangers.

Why should I get a custom quote for liner hanger companies?

A custom quote for liner hanger companies will be according to your requirement. This will allow you to get the best rates from liner hanger companies across the globe. We work on a zero commission and zero referral fee business model, eliminating any unnecessary expense. We maintain complete transparency, which means that the buyers and suppliers can directly communicate through our platform and negotiate the prices.