Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo - FIESP

The Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp) is the largest class entity in Brazilian industry. It represents about 130 thousand industries from different sectors, of all sizes and from the most different production chains, distributed in more than 130 employers' unions. The current structure of Fiesp reflects the strategic thinking and the homogeneous treatment that the entity gives to the various production chains and unions, regardless of the size of the companies or the segment to which they belong. Fiesp has 11 Thematic Superior Councils, coordinated by the Roberto Simonsen Institute (IRS). The Thematic Superior Councils outline guidelines for the work of the departments: Competitiveness and Technology (Decomtec), Infrastructure (Deinfra), Research and Economic Studies (Depecon), International Relations and Foreign Trade (Derex), Environment (DMA), Legal (Dejur), Agribusiness (Deagro), Regional Action (Depar), Security (Deseg), Construction Industry (Deconcic), Defense Industry (Comdefesa), Micro, Small and Medium Industry (Dempi) and also the Union Department (Desin) and the Service Center (Cser). Throughout the State of São Paulo, Fiesp is represented by 51 regional boards. In order to ensure harmonious growth of the different production chains, Committees were also created for the following sectors: productive chain of Bio-industry (BioBrasil), Sport (Code), Biotechnology (Combio), Leather and Shoes (Comcouro), Mining (Comin ), Paper, Graphics and Packaging (Copagrem), Fisheries and Aquaculture (Compesca), Oil and Gas (Competro), Health (Comsaude) and the Textile, Clothing and Clothing Industry (Comtextil). There are also the Young Entrepreneurs, Cultural Action and Social Responsibility Committees.

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