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Fluid Controls Manifolds are available in 2, 3 or 5 Valves construction.

Two Valve Manifolds are used in pressure instrument such as pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, etc.

Three Valve and Five Valve Manifolds are used in differential pressure instruments such as differential pressure transmitters, differential pressure switches, differential pressure gauges etc.

Three Valve Manifolds are the most commonly used manifolds. They may be provided with test ports on the process sides and drain ports on the instrument side for drawing of the process and instrument lines respectively.

Five Valve Manifolds are normally used with differential pressure instruments where drain valves are required on the instrument side. They are also useful for flushing of the system and prevention of loss of expensive Fluid Controls in the impulses.


Fluid Controls Manifolds are available in four different types of designs.

Separately Mounted Manifolds meant for installation from the instrument and are usually connected by means of pipes or tubes, pipes and pipe fittings/tubes and tube fittings.

Direct Mounting“T” Type Manifolds for the direct mounting on the instrument and screwed process connections.

Direct Mounting “H” Type Manifolds for stacked assembly between the instrument and flanged process connection

Co-Planar Manifolds mounted directly on to the instrument eliminating the adapter plate.


At the heart of the Fluid Controls Manifold is the design of the pressure sealing system for each of the valves which has the following advantages:

The stem threads rolled to reduce friction

Stem threads are coated with silver teflon mixture to allow for smooth operation.

The stem plug has swivelling design and uniquely hardened to provide for wear and long life.

The pipe sealing system to prevent blowout of the stem and reduce gland leakage.


Fluid Controls Manifolds are available in variety of materials depending on the usage. The most common materials of construction are:

Carbon Steel ASTM A 105

Stainless Steel ASTM A 479/A182 F 304, F316, F304L and F316L, F321

Cupro Nickel: Monel


Hastealloy "C"




Fluid Control Pvt. Ltd.
Fluid Controls Private Limited was established in 1974 by the late Dr. Y.E. Moochhala, a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, USA. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company has a state-of-the-art 22,000 sq ft manufacturing facility at Pune and an associate Group Company - Hyd-Air Engineering Goa - based in Western India.


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