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1. Raw material: It is 55SiMnMo or 95CrMo and 320*480 large-section continuous casting billet, then rolling into 150*150 square billet after inserting core rod and seamless pipe.

2. Production process: involving multiple processes, such as steel rolling, forging, normalizing,quenching and tempering, etc.

3. Shank size: H22*108mm/ H25*108mm/H25*159mm.

4. Angle: 7 /11/12 degree.

5. Package: 5 pieces with a small bundle,50 or 100 pieces with a big bundle.

Quality Level

According to the different choices of customers, we offer four quality products, including Grade A,Grade B,Grade C and Grade D. Customers can choose suitable drill rod according to different hardness of rock and types of rock drilling tools. Grade A drill rod QSAAA and GTIII can be applied to solid rock, III level or above and f≥12 rocks according to Protodikonov’s Hardness Coefficient of Rock. Grade B drill rod QSAA and G30 is suitable for IV level or above and f≥12 rocks, Grade C and Grade D drill rod suitable for IV level or below and f≤8 rocks.


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Geo Tec International Pvt Ltd

Based and active in India since 1997, Geo Tec combines Oil and Gas industry-specific managerial consulting competence with extensive technology and practice know how.





Consequently, we are able to advise our clients throughout the entire process chain, from market analysis, strategic development to process optimization. Geo Tec takes entrepreneurial initiative when it identifies unsatisfied market demand and new business opportunities. The Key Consulting Competencies prevalent to Geo Tec are in fields of Corporate Strategy, Business and Market Intelligence, Product and Price positioning and in depth knowledge of tender processing in India. With that breadth of knowledge, we see things that matter most. Insights that can transform your world.

Our Technology teams take an intense industry focus working with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through applied innovation – backed by worldwide resources, deep strategic alliances, and full-spectrum delivery across strategy, implementation, management and operations. The result? Technology’s promise fulfilled.

As a focused Oil and broader Energy consultancy, Geo Tec International Pvt Ltd with its in-depth knowledge of the global energy markets and developments delivers independent strategic consultancy, key market analysis, executive briefing to enhance efficiency, productivity and sustainability


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