Greenship Technologies
Marine Surveys


1. Flag and Classification Surveys
-Flag inspection to the requirement of various flags and classification surveys.

2. ISM and ISPS audits
-Other than External audits, we can arrange Internal Audits and ISM consultancy

3. Pre-purchase surveys
-Detailed inspection of vessels for prospective buyers and detailed reporting with photographs, documents etc.

4. On and off hire surveys
-Vessel's verification before and after hire period to assess the status of the vessel in detail with photos and evidences and all types of condition assessment surveys for Insurers, as per request.

5. Draft Surveys
-Draft surveys for assessment of Cargo, Light weight, Displacement etc.

6. Damage Surveys
-Damage assessment surveys for Recognized organizations, Other authorities and Owners

7. Bunker surveys
-Bunker surveys to assess quantity of Bunker on board

8. Towage Surveys
-Towage approval surveys for assessment of Towage

9. Vessel feasibility inspection for projects / operations / demolition voyages etc.
-Specific inspections and reporting for vessel's suitability to projects, operations, demolition voyages etc. Specific assessment is made in addition to general assessments.