About the Company

In the oil and gas industry, managing water production is a complex task. This involves many disciplines and highly efficient and specialized engineers. To cater to this challenge, Hammertech offers a new, innovative and cost-efficient water fraction and conductivity detector (AquaField TM) which can be installed on each well in order to trend both water fraction and conductivity.

The Hammertech team has a rich industrial experience within multiphase metering comprising of R&D, fabrication, flow meter testing, field installations along with the operational use of multiphase meters.

What do We Offer

The product portfolio of Hammertech is under continuous development and will include:

  • AquaField Meter (Introduced in 2017)

  • AquaWell – a permanent downhole water fraction and conductivity meter

  • AquaWire – a wireline logging tool for production logging

  • AquaMud – a meter for real-time characterization of drilling fluids

Contact Information

For any queries, you may fill the contact form on Hammertech’s website or use the following details.

Phone: +47 55 70 50 04

Fax: +47 929 75 004



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