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Herrenknecht Vertical Gmbh

Drilling and work-over rig packages ranging from 250 metric tons (275 short tons) to 750 metric tons (825 short tons) for cantilever installation form the jack-up rig portfolio.




Herrenknecht Vertical

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The rig packages integrate highly automated pipe storage systems, either horizontally in pipe boxes or in a combination of a horizontal storage system and a vertical system that can handle up to triples.

Separating drilling and completion components into two different storage areas allows for simultaneous operations. This enhances efficiency and increases overall safety. The pipe racking and handling is highly automated up to a robotic drill floor for handling of BHA components. In combination with integrated make-up/break-out units in the horizontal catwalk, this enables fully automatic drilling processes, controlled from the driller’s cabin at rig floor level or remotely at the accommodation unit or even from shore.

Source :- https://www.herrenknecht-vertical.com/rigs-and-equipment/offshore-rigs

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Herrenknecht Vertical Gmbh

Part of a German company Herrenknecht Group, Herrenknecht Vertical is a manufacturer of onshore and offshore drilling rig and equipment. The regions in which its onshore rigs are operating effectively are Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In the offshore sector of the industry, Herrenknecht Vertical built hydraulic drilling equipment for one of its clients.

The basic characteristics of the products of Herrenknecht Vertical that add value to its market are the light weight of its units and compact design and extended reach of the cantilever. The company has a strong customer base globally which is possible because of the support from Herrenknecht Group. This German Group has a global network of 5,000 employees and 76 subsidiaries.

Products & Services

Herrenknecht Vertical has hydraulically driven rotary top drives and the benefits of this product are:

  • High torque capacity

  • Thoroughly tested after manufacturing

  • Available as standalone components

Apart from hydraulic top drives, the company also offers electric top drives in various sizes. Visit the official website to view their complete range of products and services.

Contact Information

For any queries regarding the services and products of Herrenknecht Vertical, you can either submit the contact form on their website or use the following contact details:

Phone +49 7824 302-1300


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