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Intervalve check valve models IVC and IVCT are primarily single plate swing check valve with a short pattern wafer body conforming to the API6D and ASME B16.10 face to face dimensions. The valve has a simple but reliable and robust construction. The low inertia disc design enables the valve to open or close with a very low differential pressure which make them ideal for services operating under low differential pressures.

The valve is ideal for pump discharge duties. The eccentric mounted hinge pin in combination with the disc seat guarantees a positive shut off of the returning media. The short face to face dimensions and low weight allows a simple space saving installation between the mating companion flanges. The valves are suitable for mounting between weld neck or slip on type companion flanges of different standards. The need for flange gaskets during installation is totally eliminated in the case of IVC model due to the in-built face sealing 'O' rings provided on the sealing face. Gaskets are recommended while installing IVCT model valves.

Standards :-

General design & face to face dimensions
Valve testing
Flange standard conformity


API 6D / ASME  B 16.10
API 598
ASME B 16.5 #150, DIN EN 1092-PN10 & PN16BS 10 Table D & E

Specifications :-


Valve type : Self Acting Non Return Valve.
2. Description : Single plate wafer type swing check valve.
3. Body type : Short pattern wafer type
4. Disc type : With integral hinge pin
5. Model nomenclature : IVC - check valve with rubber "O"ring seat and face sealing
IVCT - check valve with PTFE seat and serrated contact faces
6. Size range : IVC - DN 25 to DN 900 / IVCT - DN 25 to DN 600
7. Pressure rating : PN 16 (max) for sizes up to DN 600 & 
PN 10 for sizes ≥ DN 650
8. Operating temperature range : -25C to 2000 C (depending on MOC)
9. Seat leakage : Zero leak / tight shut off
10. Standard Material of Construction (MOC)    
  Body & Disc : SGI  / WCB /  CF8 /  CF8M / CS - I2062
  Seat : EPDM / Viton/ Nitrile/ Neoprene / Hypalon - for IVC
      PTFE or GFT -for IVCT

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Intervalve Poonawalla Ltd.

India-based Intervalve Poonawalla Ltd is one of the leading providers of valves to the process industry. Established in 1987, Intervalve® Poonawalla offers a wide product line of Butterfly, Gate, Ball, Globe, Dual Plate & Lift Check valves. Designed and manufactured in line with international specifications, Intervalve® valves have been deployed in some of the most challenging environments around the world.


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