Headquartered in Ahmadi (Kuwait), Kuwait Oil Company is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, a government-owned holding company. KPC is involved in exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. Further, the company’s activities incorporate the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export.

In the year 2013, Kuwait was recognized as world's 10th largest petroleum and other liquids producer and claimed the position of the 5th largest exporter in terms of volume of crude oil and condensates. Jamal Abdulaziz Jaafar is the Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company.

    Our History

    Company in Numbers


3,142,706 KD'000

Total asset value

12,671,397 KD'000

Cash Reserve

7,565 KD'000

Production volume

3.151 Million bopd

No. of employees



  • To be an upstream leader recognized globally for excellence


  • Strive for World-class Operational Excellence

  • Optimize Portfolio Management

  • Achieve sustainable crude oil production capacity

  • Achieve sustainable non-associated gas
    production capacity

  • Replace Reserves to sustain production

  • Facilitate Technology and Capability Transfer

  • Actively manage stakeholders to satisfy Kuwait energy demand efficiently

    Corporate Social responsibility


At KOC, CSR is viewed as a comprehensive set of policies and programs that are incorporated into the firm’s business  operations considering the past, present and future results. KOC has taken great initiatives in the field of health, education and community welfare in order to contribute to towards sustainable development. This energy major has also made concerted efforts to rehabilitate and restore the natural environment of Kuwait. KOC runs several campaigns for safe drinking water, saving electricity, blood donation, healthy workplace and so on to achieve its CSR vision.

    Work Culture

The vision of Kuwait Oil Company of “being an employer of choice” speaks volumes about the significance KOC places on its people. Life at Kuwait Oil Company is positively influenced with the firm’s approach towards its employees and their growth.

KOC very well understands the trouble people face while joining a new company in a new country. Moving to a new culture, a new lifestyle and language is not easy and KOC recognizes the distress that stands in the way of expats. Thus, KOC is sincerely committed towards ensuring a better settlement for its new employees in the new geographical landscape. The firm offers a lot of benefits to the employees with respect to training, health, social security and remuneration.

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