Lehry Valves
Utility Management Gas Metering System Wireless Prepaid – PAYGT


The Wave Pay As You Go Token (PAYGT) System, provides an energy supplier with the facility to receive payment for the gas before it is used. The PAYGT solution differs from the standard AMR offering. A solenoid valve fitted on the inlet to the meter, and the Wave module has a display. The wave module is the customers energy account. It permits gas to flow when there is credit, and shuts the valve when there is not. Each meter is married to a Token (swipe card). The token is the customer's means of applying credit to the meter. The card can be “topped up” at the registered charge points where money is exchanged for a volume of gas. The amount of gas is loaded onto the card. The card is then swiped across the PAYGT module and the credit is transferred. The display on the Wave module provides real time data showing the credit balance, the Emergency credit available, valve status, and an indication of active alarms. The customer information is stored in the Cloud data base, and can be viewed by the energy supplier or the customer over the internet or via a mobile phone App.