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Gain insights into industrial drone companies that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

List of Top Industrial Drone Companies 

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    China-based DJI is one of the most recognized drone companies in the world. Known for its...

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    Industrial SkyWorks

    Industrial Skyworks is one of the leading industrial drone companies, based out of Houston. The...

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    Established in the year 2015, The Sky Guys is one of the leading drone companies of Canada. The...

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    Terra Drone Corporation

    Terra Drone, based out of Japan, is a leading provider of UAV services and solutions. The...

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    Viper Drones

    UK-based Viper Drones is one of the world’s leading drone companies, which provides commercial...

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    Norway's Force Technology is a well known technological consultancy company and its history...

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    Scotland-based Cyberhawk Innovations is a leading UAV inspection and survey company. With its...

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    Airobotics aims to provide end-to-end drone solutions to industries such as energy, mining and...

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    Bluestream operates in the Oil, Gas & Offshore Renewable Industry and offers a wide range of...

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    Team UAV

    Team UAV has emerged as one of the most secure data portals and UAV services providers. The...

Knowledge Grid

Gain insights into industrial drone companies that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

In the oil and gas industry, constant monitoring and surveillance are the pre-requisites to assess production, environmental compliance, and safety. Human and financial resources have their limitations and can be complex, expensive, and risky. With inspection drones and industrial drones, the oil and gas industry can efficiently perform monitoring, inspection, prospecting, and exploration activities without human involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions: Industrial Drones Manufacturers & Suppliers

How does Energy Dais help in finding the best industrial drones from global drone companies?

For the successful execution of your projects, it is important to find an appropriate company with a good track record. We help you in connecting with the top drone companies and drone manufacturers and get the best quotation.

What is the annual subscription model of Energy Dais?

We have designed affordable annual subscription plans which would help you get qualified leads for your business. You can have a look at our pricing chart by clicking on this link: These plans are customized according to the specific needs and requirements of your business.

How do I get my company listed at Energy Dais?

You can list your company at Energy Dais once you get registered with us by creating an account. To join now, click on this link:

Which countries do you cover with respect to drones for industrial inspection?

We have listed some of the prominent drone companies from India, the MENA region and the North America region. You can find not only drones for industrial inspection but also for other operations in oil and gas.

How are Drones helpful in Data Analytics for Oil and Gas Industry?

Data is a quintessential aspect of the oil and gas industry. A large amount of data is collected and analyzed by specialists to take effective steps for enhancing the overall productivity of the well. Undoubtedly, drones can provide real-time data by offering a wider scope of information to the user.

Why should drones be used for inspection in the oil and gas industry?

With the use of drone technology in the oil and gas industry, inspection can be frequently conducted. Drones can respond to emergencies in an instant. Drones can cover large facilities quickly and with lower risks and cost efficiency. Moreover, drone inspections can establish faith among customers towards the industry’s efforts for the safety of its workforce.

Are there any common concerns w.r.t deploying drones near downstream facilities?

People tend to have a negative perception of drones, mostly due to what they gather from the news. It is difficult to overcome that perception. However, if the professional ethics and safety protocols are followed, there is no problem in deploying drones near downstream facilities.

How does the future of oil and gas industry look like with drones?

The oil and gas industry is undergoing a digital makeover. According to industry experts, with the marriage of unmanned platforms, sensors and artificial intelligence, inspection drones and industrial drones offer immense possibilities for the growth of the oil and gas sector.

Why should I get a custom quote for industrial drones from drone manufacturers?

A custom quote for drones will be according to your requirement. This will allow you to get the best rates for commercial drones and inspection drones on a global level. We work on a zero commission and zero referral fee business model, eliminating any unnecessary expense. We maintain complete transparency, which means that the buyers and suppliers can directly communicate through our platform and negotiate the prices. All this comes at a reasonable annual fee from manufacturers and suppliers who subscribe to our plans.

What are the benefits of subscribing to your plans?

Energy Dais is a transparent oil and gas directory where equal opportunities are provided to all manufacturers and service providers to showcase their products. It gives you a chance to be visible in the higher positions of the directory. We understand that every company has a specific budget for marketing itself in the market. Thus, we offer a pretty reasonable pricing chart for companies. We make sure that you get the best quotation for your products and services. Here, you will be at an advantage with respect to commercial drones.

Can I find industrial drones according to my location?

Yes. We help you find the best industrial drones irrespective of your location. We simplify your search for the best drones for industrial inspection by connecting you with the leading drone companies in your location, at zero cost and according to your budget and business requirement.

Can Energy Dais help me with logistics and Inspection?

Yes. We use third-party companies to provide best quotations for your shipment and inspection of manufactured goods. We make sure that you get quality products from the manufacturer at the best price.

How can Drone Technology perform cost-effective surveys?

Drone technology effectively brings down human resource along with providing valuable data and alerts. Drones can provide high-resolution images and videos of oil wells and more accurate spatial data with fitted sensors. It can also efficiently detect oil spills and alert users to address the issue, saving companies millions of dollars in oil spill lawsuits.

What direct benefits do drones provide to the downstream sector?

There are numerous benefits of drone application in the downstream sector and the industry awareness of these benefits continues to grow. Inspections are often required in highly hazardous areas, as a result of working at great heights and the presence of dangerous chemicals amongst a multitude of other dangerous situations. Using the inspection drones reduces the need for people to be placed in potentially dangerous situations. Consequently, more and more companies in the downstream sector are turning to drones.

Can any change be expected in downstream job roles and responsibilities due to the use of drones?

We will see different layers of drone technology making its way into the industry. For specialized jobs such as inspections, drones will continue to conduct the time-intensive, manual inspections, owing to enhanced safety. However, the drone industry needs the experience and expertise of those inspectors and thus, jobs will continue to transform. Moreover, in the coming times, some organizations will integrate drones internally where it makes sense.