Marine Electricals
Integrated Platform Management System


The Marine Electricals Integrated Platform Management System MEACOS 3000 is a redundant, high speed, sophisticated and highly automated monitoring and control system. The IPMS is a customized automation system tailored to customer and class requirements. It controls and monitors virtually every mechanical system on a ship. All operator tasks are performed on configurable multifunctional Integrated Workstations, which are placed in the Engine Control Room, on the Bridge or at any other station required. 

The IPMS communicates on an redundant Fiber Optic / Ethernet backbone. On the platform side, the system consists of Local Processing Units (LPUs) to which the ship's systems are connected. Decentralised automation units facilitate graceful degradation, whilst maintaining optimum functionality. To ensure a high level of reliability gateways, central networks and client stations are connected redundantly.