Oil Country Tubular Limited

Oil Country Tubular Limited (OCTL), is a processor of a wide range of Oil Country Tubular Goods and Drilling Products required for the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industry. OCTL is located near Hyderabad city, India, and is an unique facility in the World. OCTL has earned worldwide recognition for the Quality of its products and services. Innovation and Technical Excellence are the driving spirit behind OCTL and the overriding focus at OCTL is on the quality of its products and services. At OCTL, the complete processing activity is concentrated in a single unique integrated Plant located at Narketpally and with Corporate Headquarters in Hyderabad, India. The facilities include Upsetting, Heat Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing, Metallurgical Laboratory, Gauging and Calibration Laboratory, Tool Joint and Coupling Threading, Casing and Tubing Threading, Friction Welding of Drill Pipe, Hydrostatic Testing, Collapse Pressure Testing and Internal Plastic Coating of Tubulars.

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