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Curiosity is a FULLY AUTONOMOUS Mini Unmanned Multicopter aircraft. It is capable of carrying a 400 Gram payload. The payload is a Day or Night Camera mounted on a gyro stabilized camera mount. Most cameras are under 300 Grams. The UAV is electrically powered with a very low dB level. The aircraft is fully autonomous right from Takeoff to Landing. The UAV is made of composite sheet and aluminum alloy.

Physical Specifications:-

  • Size  -  450mm x450mm
  • Height  -  250 mm
  • Flying Weight  -  1990 Gms
  • Payload  -  400 Gms
  • Propulsion  -  150 Watt BLDC Motors @11.1 Volt X 4
  • Propeller  -  11x4.5 carbon fiber X 4
  • Flying Battery  -  Lithium-Ion 11.1 Volt, 9600mAh,

Capabilities :-

  • Fully Autonomous from Takeoff to Landing.
  • Can be programmed for 500 Gridpoints.
  • Can Loiter over the subject at any way point.
  • Has Manual over ride at any stage.
  • Can be 'Guided' to specific location during flight by clicking over map.
  • Can activate/deactivate any payload from the GCS.
  • Auto payload activation on reaching the way point.
  • Fail-safe built in. Will 'RTH' if comm link is lost. Will 'Land' if battery is low.

Survey Camera :-

The aircraft is fitted with a CANON Powershot camera which takes still pictures at the grid waypoints automatically. The pictures are then geo tagged using the flight telemetry log and then processed on a stitching software like Pix4D to form a 3D map that can be used for engineering purpose.

Source :-

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OM UAV Systems

OM UAV Systems is a pioneering manufacturer of variety of Unmanned remotely controlled Ariel surveillance vehicles like UAV mini, Quadcopter.

Promoted by professionals with more than 60 years of experience in Airframe design, Avionics, Electronics and Software, OM UAV Systems has the unique distinction of manufacturing range of such products with in-house developed 'Made in India' Auto Pilot*.

Om UAV Systems has test proven the products in it's own exclusive 'Test Proving Field' including runway and ground based support systems.

We offer following products, each of which can be customized for payload, endurance and environmental conditions.

We provide the complete solution including UAV, Ground control and monitoring station, Training and after Sales support. Since manufacturing is done in-house, we are in a unique position to provide Reliable Customized Quality products at Comfortable Prices.


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