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Areas of ResearchBioenergy

Health and Wellness
Customized Research Solutions and Services
Analytical Science Center


Clean Room Facility :-

Class 10000 facility
6 research labs covering 9000 sq ft
Biosafety cabinets
Anaerobic glove boxes
PCR and q-PCR
Iso Electric Focusing (IEF)

Bioprocess Development

Sterile fermentation
Multi fermenter systems
SCADA controlled fermenters (1, 2.5, 5, 10, 40, 100 L scale)
Downstream processing
High speed centrifuges
Membrane separation units
Chromatography columns
Liquid-liquid extractors
Vacuum evaporators
Dryer & leaching apparatus

Chemical Process Development

High pressure stirred tank reactors
(700 ml to 25 l scale)
SCADA controlled Dual Fixed Bed Reactor System
Fluidized Bed Drier and Hydraulic press
Continuous Distillation
Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Crystallization
Short Path Distillation (0.02 & 0.5 m2)

Analytical Facility

ISO 9001:2008 certified
4 labs (Wet Chemistry, Instrumentation, Organoleptic & Microbiology Analysis)
Processing capacity of upto 300 samples/day Equipped with
Multiple HPLC, GC, GC-MS
Ion Chromatography,
FTIR, FTNIR, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Rheometer, Cloud & Flash point analyzer, Anton parr, Flash Chromatograph, COD Digester

2nd Generation Ethanol Pilot Plant

1 MT(dry basis) per day processing capacity of
various cellulosic feedstocks
Material handling section
Pretreatment section
500 l (6 nos) enzymatic hydrolysis reactors
1000 l (6 nos) fermenters
Distillation & evaporation sections
Diverse types of S/L separation units

Multipurpose Pilot Plant

Catalytic & fermentation end-to-end process
30bar high pressure reactor
Glass lined reactor
Fermenters (100 -1000 l)
Downstream processing equipment
High pressure IBR boiler
Chilling facility (-20 °C)
High temperature (300 °C) thermic fluid heating facility
High vacuum (0.01 Torr)
RO water & cooling water

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