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PROMATECT®-100 comprises of autoclaved calcium silicate spheres bound in a mineral matrix. The technology used is PromaX® technology, which provides outstanding fire performance in most of the applications. It is color is off-white. One face is smooth and can form a finished surface, can take any form of architectural and finish treatment. The other face is sanded. It is resistant to moisture and would not deteriorate when used in damp and humid conditions. Performance characteristics also do not degrade by moisture or age. However, it is not designed to use in continual damp or high temperatures areas. It is generally used for internal applications only. The advantages of using Promatect-100 is that it is time and cost effective, lightweight, thermal resistant, has design flexibility. Moreover, it delivers excellent acoustic performance. Its application includes Structural Steel, Partition & External Walls, Ceilings & Floors.

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Promat Fire and Insulation Pvt. Ltd.

Promat Fire and Insulation Pvt Ltd is one of the leading providers of sophisticated fire science technologies. Promat has a global footprint with 118 production sites in 43 countries. Employing more than 17,000 dedicated professionals, Promat also serves as a link in the worldwide network of Etex. Widely recognized for its international quality, Promat’s proven products and systems are currently being used in marine and important oil & gas industries, and many construction projects. Promat brings quality fire performance and risk management to varying tunnel applications and underground structures.

Promat’s unique offerings are a result of in-depth expertise developed through six decades of cutting-edge R&D. The company is driven by the notion of protecting life and property against uncontrolled fire, smoke and fumes, and heat.

Through sustainable and high-performance solutions for fire protection and Insulation, Promat aspires to protect and secure lives and values. A team of highly qualified experts and professionals develops the unique product portfolio that Promat offers. Promat consistently strives to improve the product quality to provide safety and savings in energy. Promat products find a great deal of application in the construction of the encasement of structural steel profiles, air-ducts, walls, ceilings, the protection of electricity cables, etc.

Promat’s product portfolio extends to a number of associated products such as fire-resistant glass, fire-stopping products that intumesce during a fire. Additionally, Promat also develops special fire protection mortar, pipe collars for combustible (PVC) pipes, fire rated mastics, and other such products. These materials offer exceptional strength, remains impact and moisture resistance, and are easy to install and operate.



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