About the Company

Protea was incorporated in the year 2001 with its headquarters at Gdansk, Poland. Since its establishment, the company's primary focus has been on providing cost-effective and great quality equipment by deploying Polish engineering expertise and facilities. Protea’s collaboration with NTD Olesno in 2004 further extended its engineering potential, particularly with respect to the design of complex structures.

With time and diligent efforts, Protea has developed successful business relationships with its customers and has expanded rapidly with sizeable growth in its sales and profit. It has its reach across the markets of Norway, Russia, the European Union, and Asia.

In the present times, Protea is a global name in engineering & equipment manufacturing for the offshore and onshore energy industry. It has earned a reputation owing to its services to big names in the oil and gas industry such as Aker Solutions, MH Wirth, Statoil, Siemens, PDVSA and Canyon Offshore.

Products & Services

  • Pedestal Cranes

  • Gantry & Overhead Cranes

  • Winches

  • Offshore Wind Farms

The complete range of products and services can be viewed on their official website.

Contact Information

For any queries or assistance, you can submit the Contact form on Protea’s website or use the following contact details:

TEL: +48 58 348 00 04


24H SERVICE NUMBER: +48 883 371 777


ISO ISO 14001:2004

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