Rigmanufacturer(Rm Holding Bv)

About the Company

Established in the year 1985, RigManufacturer manufactures and refurbishes oilfield equipment for oil and gas companies across the globe. With the passage of time and efforts, the firm has established itself as one of the largest suppliers of equipment in the world. The company is run by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.  

The primary focus of RigManufacturer is on buying and selling used equipment and machinery. The company has sold equipment in diverse sectors such as Plastic, Textile, Chemical, and the Petrochemical industry. In 1996, RigManufacturer decided to head into drilling. They also began advising the small drilling companies around the world and have set a high professional benchmark in the global oil and gas community.

Products & Services

  • Drilling rig & Accessories

  • Mud Pump & Expendable

  • Handling Tool

  • Solid Control System

  • BOP & Components

  • Drilling Tools

  • Cementing Tools

  • Oil Production Tools

  • Pipe Line

The complete range of products and services can be viewed on their official website.

Contact Information

For any further queries, you may contact RigManufacturers on the following contact number:

Phone: +31 6 234 32 797


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