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General Purpose pumps are designed for use where low flow transfer duties in domestic and wide range of industrial applications are required. These pumps have excellent suction lift capability up to 8 meters for water.. It is available in close coupled configurations and with standard IEC frame motors.

Capacity: up to 8 m3/hr
Pressure: up to 3 bar

Roto’s Little-Champ DC Pump range are compact, light weight and easy to maintain. 11,12 & 31 pump sizes are available with UV resistant Acetyl-co-polymer housing and 41 & 51 pump sizes are available with cast Iron housing.

Material Options:-

  • WETTABLE HOUSING COMPONENTS  :  UV Resistant acetate co-polymer housing for pump sizes DC 11 & DC 31 / C.I. Housing parts for pump sizes DC 41 & DC 51
  • STATOR  :  Natural, Nitrile, High Nitrile, Fluoroelastomer
  • ROTOR  :  Stainless Steel
  • SHAFT  :  Stainless Steel
  • ROTOR SURFACE COATINGS  :  Hard Chrome Plating

Sealing Options :-

  • MEDIA PROPERTIES: Low to high viscosities, with solids.
  • APPLICATIONS: Domestic & industrial sewage treatment.
  • DESCRIPTION: Single acting, unbalance, single helical coil spring, elastomeric bellow seal and bi-directional.
  • PRESSURE RANGE: Up to 12 bar

Industries :-

  • Transfer and dosing of chemicals and alkalies
  • Transfer duties in food processing, winery and vegetable oils
  • Drainage of septic tanks
  • Feeding to oily water separators
  • Drawing water from wells, creeks or shallow bores
  • Hosing down of cattle and stock sheds
  • Automatic water pressure systems
  • Berine injection
  • Fiiding ponds and sprinkler systems
  • Diesel transfer
  • Hndling surfactants and detergents

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Roto Pumps Ltd.
Roto Pumps has strong roots in manufacturing engineering and has over the years been able to develop efficient manufacturing processes both in the field of metal cutting and rubber processing. Spread over a combined factory area of 20,000 sq. meters. Roto’s machine shop includes sophisticated machines, including CNC machines, Special Purpose Machines, In House Tool Room, Skilled manpower and strict Process Controls ensures consistent world class quality components. Roto pumps pioneering efforts to product world’s best stators are an outcome of superior mould designing and making. In-house compound making and special formulations ensuring production of high quality stators with Zero leakage @ low torque and exceptionally long service life.


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