Enterprise-Class SEO Services

Energy Dais offers enterprise-class SEO services to global oil and gas companies looking for an enhanced online presence of their brand. Our dedicated team of SEO experts implements effective strategies to help:

  • Grow an organic presence of your brand around relevant topics
  • Nurture qualified leads for your business through Knowledge Marketing
  • Assert more trust and authority around your brand
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Why SEO in Oil and Gas?

Today, Industrial SEO is being used by more than 40% of the companies across the oil and gas community to drive potential B2B buyers and turn them into customers. A deep understanding of the buyer behavioural pattern can help filter relevant traffic for your business and divert it to your website.

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Our Expertise

With a strong, integrated strategy that combines the elements of content marketing and knowledge marketing, the SEO offerings at Energy Dais gives you an edge over competitors. Our numbers speak volumes!

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Client Testimonials

Our 450+ clients across the oil & gas industry come to us for out-of-the-box brand positioning and effective lead generation. Read their reviews of Energy Dais here!


What is the ROI of SEO?

The ROI of SEO lies in the value your business gets when your website comes up as the top recommendation on search engines against the queries raised. Setting up the right content funnel with the help of SEO not only spreads awareness around your offerings, but it also cultivates your potential buyers into paying customers.

I have already tried SEO services in the past. They don’t work. Why should I choose you?

Most of the agencies offering SEO services to oil and gas companies have no subject matter expertise in the oil and gas domain, whatsoever. Energy Dais carries out marketing operations specifically in the oil and gas domain, giving us the requisite knowledge base necessary to perform effective SEO activities.

I am a small oilfield equipment manufacturer. Is SEO needed for me?

With the oil and gas industry moving towards digitalization, an online presence for any company, be it a small equipment manufacturer, has become very important. Receiving organic traffic through SEO on your website will allow you to effectively target your buyers, do value-addition to them and convert them.

How long before SEO activities start to show results?

Establishing a brand presence through SEO is a constant process. However, with our goal-oriented strategies, we have seen effective results in 3 months.

Ready to take an edge over your competitors?