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Orifice Choke Valve


Orifice choke valve is molded of two pieces of special carbon tungsten plates with rather ability of erosion resistance, one of which rotates to alter the concentricity between the upper orifice and lower orifice of two plates so as to adjust the flow-rate of fluid or gas.

The valve is used for manifold such as drilling, fracture, mud circuit ,ground high pressure gas injection /production, it has a outstanding feature that the pressure difference between inlet and outlet ,as closing ,can press both of the plates fast together so as to put into effect of sealing cutting, especially in the case that the pressure suddenly rises or falls ,the pre-set signrate of high/low pressure sensor can be helpful for automatic closing /shut so as to avoid heavy accident.

It is outstanding advantage that it has long working life and ability of erosion/corrosion resistance in comparing with other choke valves.


Unique design of choke plate

Plate is molded of two pieces of special carbon tungsten, grinding by Diamond Bruting Wheel, Rotate stem to adjust the opening size of plate.
Positive closure

A 17”overlap type sealing tape beyond the full-close position is designed to ensure closure even if the plate has abrasion, as the sudden rising of pressure, for the special design of plate, the sealing effect will not be affected.

Tungsten-carbide Wear Bushing

Overlay on the face of wear bushing increases its service life. Extensibility of wear bushing is available to bear the abrasive downstream turbulence, especially during under balanced drilling operations .


Controls can be operated from either remote or onsite manual during onshore and offshore operation



Built for oilfield

Precision manufacturing

Design of one-way plate to plate

Tungsten-carbide Wear Bushing increases its service life

Versatile for onshore and offshore operation

Remote control or onsite manual control


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Shanghai Ruitou Petroleum Machinery CO.,LTD

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