Agency-wide Social Media Marketing Solutions

Energy Dais delivers agency-wide social media marketing services to oil and gas firms around the world, and drive more traction around their brand. Structured by drawing insights from user behaviour studies on Social Media, our social media services include:

  • Formulating and aligning social media strategies with your offerings
  • Designing and producing social media content for your brand
  • Re-targeting your website visitors on Facebook & Instagram
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Why Social Media Marketing in Oil & Gas?

Any kind of sales doesn’t happen overnight, especially in the oil and gas industry. It takes a lot of lead warming to get your potential buyer further ahead in the sales funnel. Fortunately, Social Media allows you to effectively target these buyers and keep them engaged. Through effective strategizing, it becomes easy to expedite the sales cycle.

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Our Expertise

The Social Media team at Energy Dais is a group of data-driven professionals who utilize their years of experience in elevating the social image of brands across varied industries.

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Client Testimonials

Our 450+ clients across the oil & gas industry come to us for out-of-the-box brand positioning and effective lead generation. Read their reviews of Energy Dais here!

Social Media Marketing FAQs

What is the ROI of Social Media Marketing?

At Energy Dais, we formulate and align the social media strategy to business outcomes. The ROI of any Social Media Marketing effort should be measured up against mutually agreed on KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. So, if you’re a firm looking for Brand Awareness, Engagement Rate is an appropriate KPI.

How does Social Media Marketing with Energy Dais look like? Do we need to share credentials with you?

When you sign up with us for Social Media Marketing, the first step is the appointment of a Social Media Manager or SMM. The SMM is responsible to understand your business requirements and formulate a Social Media strategy accordingly. We can, thereafter, mutually agree on the KPIs. Post this process, the SMM shares Social Media Calendar with you, every month, produce the content, and run it through you. And yes, you are required to share Social Media account credentials.

My business is more into B2B product and service category. Is social media marketing helpful for me?

Yes. Platforms like Linkedin and Twitter offer excellent B2B reach and enable connection with more qualified leads, and ultimately conversions. Using our strategy, you can put these platforms to maximum use.

How long does it take before social media marketing starts to bore results?

We have seen considerable growth in social media presence after 6-8 weeks of consistent efforts. However, with social media constantly evolving, a lot of this depends on variables such as the time and effort, budget, audience type, strategy, and whether you’re using paid ads or not. It’s important to understand that it is both quantity and quality on Social Media that really produces the outcome.

Ready to Leverage the Real Power of Social Media?