Solar Interchangeable Panels Inc.

This company was built around increasing the efficiency of the sustainable Energy industry. I have developed Innovated products thru licensing design that not only protect nature but always works in harmony with all energy sources or electrical joining them together , SIP wishes to implement an increased efficiency in Energy Device , with the ability contain while linking product in side the devices and project , defining any object and with Interchangeable Color Panel , shape , sizes with new technology we can put a coke machine in the middle of the desert the capability to sustained the product , while growing crops under the PV Panel using the problem we have in the field , PV Heating problem keeps plants warm , and the panel them self work as a shield protect the plants till there strong enough to move to the Greenhouse were SIP Magnification boxes can finish the growth while changing the color of a panel to red keep them growing and blooming . Exciting new way to excel in sustainability .

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