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EOR: SOPAN has signed a Service Agreement with Titan Oil Recovery, Inc., a veteran in the field of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with deployments across four continents, for providing Organic Oil Recovery (OOR) solutions to the Indian Oil Production Industry. 
The TITAN PROCESS® is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology to recover trapped oil, without requiring any drilling or exploration or fracking.

The Titan Process® is a new direction in Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) / Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). It is a breakthrough in low cost, no capital required oil recovery, offering oil operators an advanced, state-of-the-art secondary and tertiary oil recovery technology and represents an advance over previous Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) approaches. Combining petroleum engineering and breakthrough biotechnology, the Titan Process produces more oil, lowers lifting cost and allows the optimization of a field’s potential. The Titan Process provides field operators with an improved return-on-expenditure and an opportunity to certify additional reserves as a result of expanded field treatments.

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