Swarna Oil & Gas Field Pte Limited

About the Company

Singapore-based Swarna Oil & Gas Field Pte Ltd (SOAGF) is a leading supplier of petroleum parts. It provides a wide range of oil and gas field equipment and services globally. SOAGF provides quick deliveries through a large network of reliable logistics partners. The product portfolio of the firm includes small-sized blowout preventer (BOP) and large-sized BOP series, BOP fittings, Drilling rigs, fishing tools, Wellhead, and many more.

Products & Services

·         BOP

·         BOP fittings

·         Drilling rigs and fishing tools

·         Wellhead

·         Choke and Kill manifold

·         Rig Spare parts

·         Valve

For a complete list of the company’s offerings, please visit the official website.

Contact Information

For any further queries, you may call at the following number:


Ph. 65 - 828 - 00124


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