T2C-Energy LLC

T2C-Energy was founded by the original inventors of the TRIFTS® technology (Tim Roberge, Devin Walker, Dr. Syed Gardezi, Dr. Babu Joseph, and Dr. John Kuhn) in early 2012 as a University of South Florida spin-out with the goal to convert harmful waste gases to renewable transportation fuels. The research that led to the development of this catalyst technology was funded by six agencies over the last nine years. During 2005-08, NASA funded research, seeking alternative ways of producing jet fuel. This work led to the development of our patented egg-shell catalyst. Further developments of the FTS catalyst for converting biomass derived syngas into fuels was funded by the State of Florida, through the Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC). This led to improvements in the catalyst synthesis and performance. The Hinkley Center for Hazardous Solid and Hazardous Waste Management funded the initial development of our proprietary tri-reforming catalyst for reforming biogases. In 2012 T2C-Energy received $100,000 as the first place winner of the MegaWatt

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