Tubestar Oil & Gas Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rig Audit & Inspection Division

  • Rig inspection is a critical component in drilling a well and it is an integral part of the preparation to spud a well.
  • Interruptions in drilling operations due to improper or malfunctioning equipment is a cause of expensive NPT        which is avoidable.
  • Proper and appropriate rig inspections before acceptance of the rig, before the well is spud and follows up surveys during operations are critical to reduce downtime, increase reliability and safety and allow adequate environmental management and further to reduce NPT time-related costs.
  • Tubestar, already in inspection business for more than 2 decades for tubular, handling equipment, DROPS etc        integrated the Rig Inspection to the existing capabilities in Q4, 2012 through a team of highly experienced        drilling personnel and inspectors
  • Tubestar gained the rig inspection experience through a tie-up with Fact-O- Rig for the last 5 years
  • Tubestar had developed a complete rig inspection package with systems, policies, procedures, inspection models such that a comprehensive inspection solution can be provided to the industry in a most effective manner.
  • Tubestar rig inspectors are highly qualified drilling and maintenance personnel with a lot of direct hands-on experience in running and managing rigs and inspection of the rigs from construction to upgrade to operational management.
  • Tubestar has a comprehensive rig inspection model to suit the requirements of both Operators to hire a rig or Rig Owners to upgrade/new construction/purchase/selling the rigs
  • Tubestar Rig Inspection has the following range of inspection services: Conditional survey (a full conditional survey that provides accurate insight into the equipment status and condition and working systems, Fit for Purpose Acceptance Survey (depending upon the Client's objective, a fit for purpose survey confirms the functionality of the rig, systems, policies and procedures), Upgrade and New Construction (to be part of the Clients to ensure that the rig upgrade or new construction complies with all safety and operations standards), Compliance and Functionality Survey (to evaluate the compliance of the rig equipment, procedures and policies to the international acceptable standards and to confirm the functionality of the equipment according to the standards and design)
    Value Evaluation and Selection Survey (to evaluate and value a rig for the purpose of either selling or purchasing as well as for banks/financial institutes to grant project loans and also to rank the rigs to create options to choose or select)