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Engineering Surveyors - 3D Laser Scanning

Ulysta creates accurate 3D models through Laser Scanning technology – rapidly and cost effectively.  Our 3D scanning capabilities reduces the field time required to accurately As-Build facility.

Ulysta and its associates have experience in successfully implementing laser scanning projects.

1. Technology

TPS – For small sections ( TPS to CADworx to SP3D)

HSLS – For large sections (Point Cloud to SP3D)

•360 degree data capture using high-speed Laser Scanners
•High accuracy surveys (+/-3mm)
•Scanning diameter up to 100m
•Rapid data capture minimizes time on site

2. Applications

•3D Laser scanning for new Platforms or Vendor Packages
•As-built Data Collection for brownfield projects to ensure a clash free design
•3D Laser Scanning for production of As-built Intelligent 3D model

3. Tools

•Standard deliverables for a laser scanning project includes registered point cloud data in formats like .imp/.zfs/.zfc/.pts/.3dd/.rxp etc. Colored point cloud data can be delivered on demand basis

4. Services

•3D Laser Scanning
•Dimensional Control
•Data processing
•Clash Detection
•Conversion of Cloud data into fully intelligent 3D models on any platform

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