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“UDT Make” 'AF' Series gas lift valve is designed to open or close on a fluid load signal, When a predetermined fluid load is reached, the AF Series Valve opens. This allows casing gas to enter the tubing string and lift the fluid to the surface. The AF Series Valve will remain open until the fluid load drops to the closing pressure pre-set on the valve.

The AF Series Valve uses a cross over seat which allows the valve to accept a check and to fit into a conventional type mandrel.

The AF Series Valve is intended for use on wells having a high continuous flow rate. It is also well suited to multiple string completions using the annulus as a common source of injection gas.


  • Uses existing pressure valve mandrels.
  • Mechanical stops limit bellows travel in both directions, which prevents overstressing
  • by keeping bellows travel within design limits.
  • Utilizes standard check valves.
  • Utilizes full line pressure.

Not affected by temperature. No dome charge is used in the valve, therefore the valve is not affected by temperature.

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