VIONX Energy Corporation

The VIONX Energy Corporation has developed a grid-scale, long duration energy storage system which has a 20+ year life, is certified non-flammable and safe, has unmatched performance and is bankable. The unique long-duration discharge of up to 10 hours at full rated power is enabled by superior flow battery stack technology operating at 3X higher power density than any competitor and proprietary vanadium electrolyte processing. The VIONX system delivers unrivaled Levelized Cost of Storage at discharge durations greater than 4 hours due to low capital and operating cost and a product life of over 20 years with no performance degradation. The VIONX VNX product family employs a modular architecture based on 1 MW power and 2 MWh energy building blocks that have been engineered to meet grid reliability standards and have undergone significant durability testing demonstrating up to 40 years of stack life. Currently, VIONX is deploying its second 6-hour duration system in Massachusetts with National Grid. VIONX is in the process of ramping volume production to support sales opportunities and forecasted energy storage market growth.

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