How can we help NOC/IOCs ?
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Compare Costs

With Energy Dais, you can unlock unlimited alternatives to compare costs of the products or services you seek across geographies.

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Explore new vendors

We offer you a chance to extend your vendor list by helping you connect with most verified and trusted vendors.

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Verified Database

Today, Energy Dais is the largest oil and gas directory with verified database of 20,000+ companies. Gain access to them on a real time basis.

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Technological Updates

Energy Dais brings to you access to latest case studies and new technological developments from the Oil & Gas sector.

How can we help OEM/Service Providers?
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Instant global visibility

Our company pages give you instant visibility across 20,000+ oil and gas companies, to help you expand your business footprint.

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Be found

Be instantly found for your products and services. Get priority listing in our category pages featuring 100+ (and counting) products and services.

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Increase your revenue

Gain a chance to increase your revenue through increased reach across the industry,

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Enhance efficiency

Reduce your cost and increase efficiency by 5 times. Access 30,000+ tenders, 120+ RFQs, 350+ projects.

How can Energy Dais help Consultants?
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Increase your revenue

Be instantly found for your services via priority listing in our category pages. Expand your reach and revenue by 5 times.

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Find great projects

Energy Dais is the right platform to find more clients, rewarding projects, and to grow your consultancy business by 10 times.

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Wide variety and best quote

We receive consultancy requirements in 100s of categories on our platform. Quote the best price for your services.

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Market insights

We give you access to most relevant industry insights for an informed perspective, on a new area of operation or market.

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