Xi'An Zz Top Oil Co., Ltd

China-based ZZ Top Oil Tools Co. Ltd is a widely regarded manufacturer of downhole tools.  Established in the year 2007, ZZ Top Oil Tools is a recognized supplier of drill stem testing (DST) tools. With a dedicated and trained workforce operating in advanced facilities, ZZ Top Oil Tools have ensured quality work delivery to the customers.

Tools and equipment manufactured by ZZ Top Oil Tools have found widespread use domestically as well as internationally. All products of ZZ Top Oil Tools are in adherence with the latest API regulations.

Products and Services

The services offered by Xi’an are in the following categories:

  • Well Testing

  • Well Drilling

  • Wellhead and Control

  • Well Completion

Visit the official website of the company to see the whole line of products and services offered by the firm.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Xi'an Zz Top Oil Co., Ltd on the following contact:

China Office

Phone No: 0086-29-81779342

Fax: 0086-29-81543379

Brazil Office


Phone No: (55) (79) 9856 - 3714/ (55) (79) 9884-840


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